A Bird on the Wing

A Bird on the Wing

by Osho
Category: Religion
Language: English


Zen masters are dangerous people! While many of their stories have an entertaining aspect, the real meaning behind them is the total and radical transformation of human beings. Osho is a contemporary “Zen Master” and according to his own statements even more dangerous than the ancient masters.

Like the masters of old, Osho tries to create situations for modern seekers that allow instant awakening, or enlightenment – to bring us out of the old habits and patterns of the mind and its illusions, out of the fog of conditioned beliefs and assumptions, and into the reality of the atomic, clear moment – the here and now.

“Be rooted in the body so you can have wings in the soul,” he says. “Be rooted in the earth so you can spread into the sky; be rooted in the visible so you can reach into the invisible. Don’t create duality and don’t create any antagonism. If I am against anything, I am against antagonism. I am against being against anything; I am for the whole, for the complete circle.” A Bird on the Wing is an invitation to enter the world of Zen: to move from words to silence and from theory to experience.

This book will take you as far as words can go; the rest is up to you. This is the very essence of Zen.

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