अश्वत्थामा - महाभारत का शापित योद्धा

अश्वत्थामा - महाभारत का शापित योद्धा

by Ashutosh Garg
Category: Mythology
Language: Hindi


Cursed warrior of Mahabharata
It would be called the irony of destiny that despite being an extremely important and immortal character in the saga of Mahabharata, Ashwatthama has always been neglected. There are other people in the mythological literature, including Ashwatthama, who are considered immortal. But where other people received the 'boon' of immortality, Ashwatthama got immortality in 'curse'!

The story of war is always written in black ink of ruthless massacres, killing of innocents and misdeeds. Then what two unforgivable crimes were committed by Ashwatthama in a great war like Mahabharata, for which Shri Krishna cursed him to wander on earth for thousands of years in a lonely and shabby state? The question arises in his mind that Shri Krishna did injustice to him by giving such a harsh curse or that God had some divine purpose behind it? Did Lord Krishna want to give a message to modern society through Ashwatthama?

Most of the world considers Ashwathama as devious and malicious like Duryodhana. In this novel, the author has presented the story of Mahabharata in a new way from the perspective of that great warrior, highlighting the untouched aspects of Ashwatthama's life.

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