ब्योमकेश बक्शी की रहस्यमयी कहानियाँ

ब्योमकेश बक्शी की रहस्यमयी कहानियाँ

by Sardendu Bandopadhyay
Category: Indian Writing
Language: Hindi


Saradendu Bandyopadhyay's uniqueness is his unique writing style as well as subtle lively portrayal of his characters in addition to his detective writing. In Bengal of the early twentieth century, writers and readers alike viewed crime and espionage literature with a lowered eye. Saradendu Bandyopadhyay gave that writing a respectable place for the first time. A big reason for this was that his former writers Panchkori De and Dinendra Kumar were English detective writers Arthur Konan, Doel, Edgar Allan Poe, G.K. Chesterson and Agatha used to write influenced by Christie, while Saradendu's character and location, unlike other detective novels, live in an Indian origin and venue environment. The humorous nature of his writing keeps the reader tickling throughout the story spontaneously. Byomkesh's literature is not only an unprecedented detective literature but has always been popular among youth and elders of all sections of society at all times and periods. The reader is fascinated to read these mystery stories again and again for their lively writing, despite knowing the end. It is considered a unique achievement in any popular literature and this achievement makes Sarandendu's Byomkesh Bakshi literature a 'classic' of our time, similar to Satyajit Rai's famous novel 'Feluda's Karaname'.

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