by Dada Bhagwan
Category: Self Help
Language: Gujarati


Even in today's most sophisticated and scientific times, people are misled into thinking that something miraculous will happen. They wait for something supernatural to happen. In a country like India where most of the people believe in miracles, it causes many superstitions, delusions and fears. It is impossible to imagine where the people of the country who believe, perform and worship the miracles will fall or stop their spiritual decline. Who is to say a miracle? A miracle that took place outside of the ordinary human intellect? But in relation to the understanding of intelligence, man is different from person to person. One does not fit into the intellect and the other holds the intellect. The boundaries of intelligence are different for everyone! Presentation book on miracles - Do such miracles really matter in our lives? What finally got us through the miracle of miracles? Shines a light on it. By the wise man Dadashri the true 'definition' of miracles, the difference between achievement and miracles, the relation between belief and religion in miracles, does miracle really do anything good to us or is it merely a fantasy? Do miracles affect our life and religion? Can He Make Our Life Good or Bad? Can we persuade God by miracles? Etc. It explains everything. Dadashri turns the reader to the path of liberation, where there is no place for the (so-called) miracle, because the soul is above all else. The book presented will help the discerning reader to discover the true meaning of miracles and walk on the true path of spirituality.

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