चन्द्रगुप्त मोर्य

चन्द्रगुप्त मोर्य

by Dilip Kumar Lal
Category: Biography
Language: Hindi


About 2300 years ago, M was ruled by a devious and cruel ruler named Ghanananda. He used to hang people for talking. When such an autocratic ruler insulted a scholar named Chanakya, he vowed to destroy Nanda altogether. The child Chandragupta was also persecuted by Nanda, he also wanted to take vengeance from Yen-ken-type Nanda. Spontaneously Chanakya and Chandragupta met. Chanakya taught politics with knowledge of weapons and weapons by keeping Chandragupta under strict discipline. On getting favorable opportunities, Chandragupta attacked Ghanananda and destroyed it completely and established the Maurya Empire. The Maurya Empire extended from the Bay of Bengal in the east to the Arabian Sea in the west. Chandragupta's kingdom in the north extended to southern Afghanistan and Iran. He ruled a vastly exemplary kingdom over large India. In the latter part of his life, handing over the kingdom to his son Bindusara, he moved to Shravanabelagola in Karnataka and spent his life as a beggar. Chandragupta Maurya's reckless life is truly exemplary.

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