मै क्रिश्ना हु भाग २

मै क्रिश्ना हु भाग २

by Deep Trivedi
Category: Religious Leader Biographies
Language: Hindi


'I am Krishna - Tales of my struggling life in Mathura' is the second part of the book 'I am Krishna' written by Deep Trivedi, author of the bestseller 'Main Man Hoon'. It has an interesting description of the struggles Krishna fought in Mathura and answers some important questions related to Krishna's life such as: Why did Krishna kill Kansa? Why was Krishna banished from Mathura? What was the love of Krishna and Rukmini? What was the relationship between Krishna and Satyabhama?

The first part of 'Main Krishna Hoon' was appreciated by the readers and it has also been nominated for the non-fiction popular category of Crossword Book Awards 2018.

'I am Krishna', depicts Krishna's life sequentially and explains the psychological aspects behind each of his actions. This book is an autobiography of Krishna, which describes how Krishna defeated all challenges with the help of his powers of mind and conquered in every adversity. The most special thing about this book written from the perspective of the first person is that it reveals the psychological depths of the life of a person with amazing and remarkable talent like Krishna.

As the author of the book is a pioneer of Spiritual Psychodynamics, it depicts the entire psychology of Krishna at the required places, which makes it clear to the readers what Krishna did and why. More than 15 mythological texts have been studied in writing this book such as: Mahabharata, Shatapatha Brahmin, Aitareya Aranyak, Nirukta, Ashtadhyayi, Garg Samhita, Jataka Katha, Arthashastra, Indika, Harivansh Purana, Vishnu Purana, Mahabhashya, Padma Purana , Markandeya Purana and Koram Purana...

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