मृत्यु एक कल्पना है

मृत्यु एक कल्पना है

by Jaggi Vasudev
Category: Self Help
Language: Hindi


"A creature moving beyond his body does not depend on what he was in the world, and what he thought of himself or what everybody thought of him." It just depends on how aware he is, how much he has produced inside this physical body. "

 - Sadhguru.

Sadhguru is a visionary and a yogi of our times. During an intimate meeting with them, a group of audience shared not only their curiosities but also their fears. These curiosities are included in this book. In the first section of the book, Sadhguru searches for the old women who have been living since the early times. They do not try to give a consoling solution to their all-merging drugs like narcotics, but rather reveal the factual insights of a learned person. In the second section of the book, he inspires us to demolish his formal, traditional view of the world - our thoughts of good and evil that have fragmented the world. The result is a book that is delightful for seekers. A book that gives meaningful and accurate answers to many important questions.

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