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Existing Templates | Create a Template

Instead of creating an Excel workbook from scratch, you can create a workbook based on a template. There are many free templates available, waiting to be used.

Existing Templates

To create a workbook based on an existing template, execute the following steps.

1. On the File tab, click New.

2. Use the search box to search for online templates or click a template from one of the Office templates.


3. Click Create to download the template.

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Excel creates the workbook Home inventory1.xlsx based on this template.

Create a Template

If you create your own template, you can safely store it in the Templates folder. As a result, you can create new workbooks based on this template without worrying that you overwrite the original file.

To create a template, execute the following steps.

1. Create a workbook.

2. On the File tab, click Save As.

3. Click Browse.

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4. Enter a file name.

5. Select Excel Template (*.xltx) from the drop-down list.


Excel automatically activates the Templates folder. Notice the location of the Templates folder on your computer. It’s usually located here:


6. Click Save.

Template Folder

To create a workbook based on this template, execute the following steps.

7. On the File tab, click New.

8. Click Personal.

9. Click Personal Monthly Budget.

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Excel creates the workbook WeddingBudget1.xlsx based on this template.

Download free Microsoft Excel templates and spreadsheets, including Budget Templates, Calendar Templates, Schedule Templates, and Financial Calculators here.

Note: to edit a template, on the File tab, click Open and then click Browse, to open the template. Edit the file and save the file to its original location.

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